Arthritic Conditions.

Arthritis is a painful inflammatory condition that affect joints. Most arthritis sufferers are prescribed painkillers, but surely, it is always better to treat the cause and not the symptom. In most cases, the cause of Arthritis is inflammation, cause by wear and tear in joints. Thus changing the . . . → Read More: Arthritic Conditions.

Maintaining Healthy Lower Back.

Lower back pain can range from annoying to debilitating and nowadays it starting to affect not only adults but schoolchildren too. We spend too much time sitting: glued to our PCs at work and at home, sitting on sofas watching TV, sitting in public transport or in car. . . . → Read More: Maintaining Healthy Lower Back.

Bone Health.

Our body is constantly renewing its bone mass, but as we age, this process – like many other – slows down and we start to lose bone mass quicker than it can be replaced. This results in the overall reduction on bone mass. Peak bone mass is achieved . . . → Read More: Bone Health.

Osteoporosis Prevention: Why Calcium Is Not Enough

The role of vitamin D in Calcium regulation

For generations we were told by the media that dairy products consumption is good for bone health. That is not quite true. Yes, dairy products contain calcium, but in many cases calcium on its own just isn’t enough. Without . . . → Read More: Osteoporosis Prevention: Why Calcium Is Not Enough