Antioxidants Controversy.


Recent Scientific American publication on dangers of taking antioxidant supplements is discouraging yet questionable. The publication is written around free radical damage theory of aging and voices concerns regarding opposite effects of antioxidants on health. While it was an interesting read for me, especially because I do take . . . → Read More: Antioxidants Controversy.

The Implications Of Elevated Glucose Levels.

In the previous post I wrote about energy production and clearly, we need glucose to function. All of our cells use glucose for energy. However, even slightly elevated glucose levels can result in deadly implications. Sugar damages cells and excess glucose is one of the most ageing factors, . . . → Read More: The Implications Of Elevated Glucose Levels.

The Role Of Mitochondria In Aging.

I find mitochondria fascinating! These little powerhouses inside every cell of our body are micro organisms or an organelles, that have their own DNA (mtDNA), RNA and ribosomes. Mitochondrial DNA is only inherited from our mother. This is because mitochondria are only found in the female “eggs” of . . . → Read More: The Role Of Mitochondria In Aging.

My Trip To Florida

I am finally back home after my two week trip to Florida, where I was attending a meeting of “teens and twenties” interested in Cryonics, followed by a Suspended Animation conference. I really enjoyed meeting new people and had the opportunity to talk to people like Ralph Merkle, . . . → Read More: My Trip To Florida

Michael Rose's Theses On Health And Longevity.

I would like to share this blog with my readers. Michael Rose is a leading science in the field of aging and in this blog he interviewed by Robert Paterson. Not a one evening read perhaps, but I highly recommend it to anyone interested in health and longevity.

. . . → Read More: Michael Rose’s Theses On Health And Longevity.