A Brief Introduction To Digestive System.


“If you care about your digestion, my advice is – don’t talk about bolshevism or medicine at table. And, God forbid – never read Soviet newspapers before dinner.” (c) M. A. Bulgakov, Heart of a Dog.

Digestive system is the largest and extremely complex system of organs in . . . → Read More: A Brief Introduction To Digestive System.

Crohn's Disease Self-Help.

Very inspirational video and one of many examples when people take their health in their own hands and reverse “incurable” conditions. Dedication and knowledge are very powerful tools. Changing a lifestyle might not be easy for most people, but sometimes this is all it takes to completely reverse . . . → Read More: Crohn’s Disease Self-Help.

The List Of Digestive Aids.

Today, I’d like to publish a list of digestive aids with just a brief description of each, to summarise what’s available in stores and which supplement to use for a particular problem. Digestive system is very complex and large. It is closely connected with immune system and is . . . → Read More: The List Of Digestive Aids.

Antioxidants And Detoxification Process.

Often, when people hear about “detox”, they think about diet or fasting, consumption of copious amounts of water and scary looking drinks of green colour and disgusting taste. While it might be true for digestive system detoxification, there is another detoxification process, which happens naturally every day. This . . . → Read More: Antioxidants And Detoxification Process.