Dangers Of Homocysteine.

Image from P. Holford's Optimum Nutrition for Mind. Click to enlarge.

Homocysteine is a breakdown product of protein metabolism when the amino acid Methionine is converted into toxic amino acid Homocysteine. Healthy methylation processes in body will ensure that homocysteine is converted back into methionine or into another harmless compound with the aid of ‘methyl group’ nutrients: vitamins B2, . . . → Read More: Dangers Of Homocysteine.

Weight Gain Effect On Blood Vessels.

Just an update while I’m writing a major post. I find it interesting how many people seem to think that being a little overweight is actually healthy, especially for women, and that it definitely do not impose any major risk to health. Well, it just isn’t so, and . . . → Read More: Weight Gain Effect On Blood Vessels.

Heart And Cardiovascular Health.

According to a World Health Report of 2010 coronary heart disease (CHD) is still one of the most common in the world with stubbornly high and ever increasing number of patients. It is proven that a healthy diet, exercise, right supplements and stress management are vital for preventing . . . → Read More: Heart And Cardiovascular Health.