Hello and welcome to my blog. I dedicate it to my family, my relatives and friends and to everyone who, like me, are obsessed with self-improvement, health, fitness and longevity. I have spent years of reading, taking nutrition courses and doing my own research on various health and fitness related subjects. During my work as nutrition and supplement advisor in a health store and clinic, I came to realise how little many people know about supplements and nutrition and how misleading at times media is.

All articles in this blog are based on my personal studies and research, and experience of my family (my husband being my favorite test subject), friends and customers. I hope to answer many questions that I have been asked on a regular basis and in the meantime, if this blog will help someone else to get the information they need to become healthier, it will make me happier.

Now, since we are living in the age of controls and regulations, I have to say this: please do read my disclaimer before you take any advise written here.

Live long, stay young, be healthy!