My Trip To Florida

I am finally back home after my two week trip to Florida, where I was attending a meeting of “teens and twenties” interested in Cryonics, followed by a Suspended Animation conference. I really enjoyed meeting new people and had the opportunity to talk to people like Ralph Merkle, Bill Faloon of Life Extension Foundation and Max Moore. I also really enjoyed Ralph Merkle’s speech on nanotechnology. The tour of SA facility was excellent and educational. I was very impressed by people that work there and what they do, but I don’t have any pictures, since none was allowed.

While staying at Ft. Lauderdale, I took the opportunity to visit Life Extension Foundation store to get some supplements which are hard to find in Europe, such as DMAE. I also went to GNC and I must say, the variety of supplements available in US health stores is much greater than that of UK ones. Not to mention that many supplements are also cheaper. Pity I couldn’t buy more food items, such as Braggs liquid aminos – it is so hard to find in London!

So, here’s my updated supplement regimen. I don’t take all ot these at once or even every day. As I mentioned before, I try to vary my supplements and rotate some of them on day in day out basis. Sometimes I take more – sometimes less.

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